4. Development of technologies of alternative energy sources


  • objectives of utilization of human waste and agricultural waste join with the objective of human energy supply. Technologies of alternative energy sources are developed but they are used locally. They can’t compete with cheap natural resources. Modern scientific approaches allow to intensify the processes.


  • to solve problems of provision of production and systems of human life by alternative renewable sources of energy.

Development of technologies of alternative energy sources

The existing systems for obtaining biogas are inferior on cost of product getting to natural gas production. Number of technological complications as binding of excessive moisture during thermal processing of raw materials and subsequent difficult use as fertilizer inhibits the adoption of technology. Development of technologies of the first direction of the TP allow to reach on effective modes of gas liberation especially using of wastewater sediment. Primary researches showed high availability of use of Bacterial complex. Laboratory gas output till 640 m3 with 1 t of sediment. Researches are being conducted.