Immunostimulation with the use of the immunomodulator « the controlled eosinophilic syndrome immunomodulator »

Ostanin A.

Translated by Gudina I.

Immunostimulation with the use of the immunomodulator “the controlled eosinophilic syndrome immunomodulator”.Materials on the immunostimulation.



Due to the scientific progress, the unitary chemical preparations give place to complex organic compounds that fit in with homeostasis without negative effect. Such remedies, aimed at elimination of local health problems, could be combined with the system products activating immunity. At the present time the objective is to “gently” wake protective forces of organism up, so it could find and remove by itself any diseases or infections. The preparation developers set an objective – to find not only a remedy for cancer but to orient the immune system toward protection from negative outdoor environment and prevent any disease.

The CESI preparation (juice-based drink), ГОСТ 28188-89, РЦ 3.100.002.

Sanitary- epidemiological conclusion of 15.05.2009

Ingredients: tomato juice, active components (immunomodulatorsets.): amino acids: asparagine, serine, proline, glycine, alanine, hystidine, arginine, threonine, cysteine, valine, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, lysine ; vitamins: A, B1, B2, E, C; trace elements: manganese, zinc, copper, lead, selenium, calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus ;  proteolytic enzymes ; antioxidant enzymes ; immunoreactive peptides ; antibacterial lipoproteine substances. It is a natural preparation, GMO-free, contains no preservatives or synthetic chemical components.

Description: red opaque liquid.

The preparation effect: the preparation ferments activate an avalanche-like production of immunocompetent cells in marrow. These cells eliminate foreign pathogenic milieu, parasites (lamblia), viruses, bacteria and local cells with damaged development program (oncology). The enzymes execute their fibrinolytic function and decompose insoluble proteinaceous elements in the blood that normalizes the blood pressure, contributes to the cicatrization of wounds and inner ulcers.

Indications: chronic fatigue syndrome, thrombus and high/low blood pressure, bronchial asthma, duodenal ulcer, hay fever, maxillary sinusitis, infectious diseases, influenza, and weak immune system.

Contraindications: high individual sensitivity to the preparation components.

Use and dosage: every morning take 200g of preparation one hour before the meal and drink about 100g of water with it. The full treatment implies 10 doses.

Side-effects: not found

Overdose: no cases are found.  In case of occasional overdose allergic reaction is possible (skin itch).

Safe custody : 5 days maximum at 0-+12° C. Optimum efficiency – during first hour after its preparation.

Developer, manufacturer, supplier of the CESI is Scientific Production System “Fertility & Ecology”.


(Clinical researches results)

The CESI preparation was tested on several groups of patients with breast cancer, bronchial asthma,hay fever, maxillary sinusitis and on some health people aged between 21 and 68.

Objective:to activate productionof eosinophils (immunocompetent cells) under the effect of CESI; to test the preparation efficiency.


  1. Human factor: vigor became better and physical activity became higher during the eosinophil surplus (up to 6 months);
  2. Eosinophil number increased from 0-2% to 63% in a month after the first intake;


Activation of immunocompetent cells under the CESI


  1. Blood pressure came down in 30 minutes after an intake among 15% of patients with high blood pressure;
  2. Other results:

–          Breast cancer was eliminated;

–          Hay fever symptoms regressed for 6-10 months;

–          Everyday use of asthma inhalers diminished in 2 times during several months;

–          Medication intake in case of maxillary sinusitisgradually, diminished till the complete recovery;

–          Full elimination of parasites (lamblia);

  • No infections cases were registered during the influenza epidemic or direct contact with sick people as a result of eosinophil activity.

Preparation effect

The CESI preparation activates stem cells that, as a consequence, produce eosinophils in an avalanche. The eosinophils (0.5-5% of leukocytes in blood) appear as indicators ofparasitogenic, allergic, infectious and oncologic reactions. They stay in circulating blood during 3-4 hours after being generated and then migrate to the tissues where their life time is about 8-12 days with a possible return into the blood. A heightened eosinophil rate could indicate presence of parasites in the organism. Nevertheless the blood analyses showed that in the case of  CESI treatment (and a high eosinophil number) all parasites were eliminated as eosinophil’sphagocytic function is well-known. The major basic protein MBP is located in the granule’s nucleus when the cationic protein and peroxidase, as the arylsulfatase B,phospholipase D and histaminas, are also found in granule’s matrix.The eosinophil degranulation is one of the protective mechanisms against any pathology when the toxic content of their granules is used.  When activated, eosinophils attack and release the MBP with the cationic protein that damage a parasite’s membrane. Another protein can pierce through the membrane and kill the parasites.

The CESI developer intended to use a special group of bactericidal proteins to eliminate not only an external pathogenic menace (parasites, viruses, bacteria) but use it also to eliminate cells with modified genome (oncology).  Empirical researches proved the preparation efficiency in the case of breast cancer when the tumors and metastases were removed without surgery. The fact that eosinophilia is closely related to an infection and, as a consequence, production of MBP, neurotoxin, cationic protein, lysophospholipase that damage the epithelium of respiratory tracts under bronchial asthma or allergic problems, caused concern to the developer. So at their instance there were some patients with bronchial asthma and hay fever included in the test group. The reaction on the CESI was paradoxical: increase in eosinophils on account of the preparation led to taking off the asthmatic symptomson a real-time basis and to reduction of everyday medicamental dose for chronic patients during several months. The positive results were achieved with other groups of patients too.

Conclusion: we are staying on the threshold of a scientific discovery. The phagocytal role of eosinophils moves on to a new level: these microphages can solve problems of immunostimulation.

This product is a result of cross-disciplinary scientific researches.

Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare



N° 18.УЦ.01.918.П.000241.05.09 of 15.05.2009

The present conclusion attests that the CESI, a juice-based soft drink, is produced according to the federal standard ГОСТ 28188-89, РЦ 3-100-002 and corresponds to hygienic norm 1078-01”Hygienic safety and nutritional value standards of food”.


Scientific Production System “Fertility & Ecology”, 2-11 Avangardnayastreet, Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia.

The conclusion addressee:

Scientific production System “Fertility and Ecology”, 2-11 Avangardnaya street, Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia.

The acknowledgement decision is made on the base of the test certificates of the Center of hygiene and epidemiology of Udmurt Republic №141-01 of 23.07.08, №2220a of 12.08.08, №54 of 07.05.09. Expert’s report №680 of 14.05.09 is delivered by the Center of hygiene and epidemiology of Udmurt republic.




Application field:  ready for sale, ready for direct consumption.

Use, storage and transportation conditions and security measures:Its storage period is 5 days under 0⁰- +12⁰ C and relative humidity of 75 %. The product could be transported by any kind of transportation in accordance with the rules for a concrete kind of transport.

The conclusion is valid until 15.05.2014

State head sanitary inspector Zabrodin N.

Republican center of vaccinal prevention

Р1 001


The republican center of vaccinal prevention is interested in new preventives on the market. Thereby Ms. Tytskaya, the director of the Center, took the preventive anti-cancerous treatment.

Context: Ms. Tytskaya has some relatives with oncological problems and pays a special attention to preventive measuresin this direction.  Dr. Zabrodin N., the head sanitary inspector if Udmurt Republic, informed Ms. Tytskaya about tests of new immunomodulator the CESI. The preparation activity is based on a ferment activating production of eosinophils that eliminates foreign bacteria, parasites, viruses and proper cells with damaged genetic program. The preparation is developed by Scientific production System “Fertility and Ecology” and it underwent the federal examination that approved its formulation РЦ 3-100-002.  It has got the sanitary-hygienic conclusion: The CESI, juice-based soft drink № 18.УЦ.01918.П.000241.05.09 of 15.05.2009. The preparation efficiency was tested on animals (dogs)and several groups of patients. The tests on oncological patients showed good results: tumors and metastases were eliminated without surgery and chemotherapy. The CESI also proved its efficiency in the case of bronchial asthma and chronic maxillary sinusitis.It was tested on children as a prophylactic medicine against the influenza. As a result the children didn’t fall ill during the epidemic. The CESI was efficient as an antiparasitic remedy with a 100 % positive result.

Objective:to test the efficiency of the CESI; to find out the degree of influence of the preparation on the immune system through the control of the leukogram and eosinophil production.

Results: Ms. Tytskaya took a 10 day prophylactic treatment

–          The blood pressure went down by 15 % in 30 minutes after taking the CESI; blood dilution effect was observed in the dissolution of fibrin clots.

–          Eosinophil number increased from 0% to 63%;

–          The patient felt well in spite of exceeding of eosinophil number. Side effect – a nonrecurring skin allergic reaction (itching, that stopped spontaneously without taking drugs).

Conclusion: the objective is achieved. The eosinophils were activated with the exceeding of 15% or in 12.6 times. This avalanche-like increasing carried out an audit of the organism in order to find out the foreign and cancerous cells. After the treatment the eosinophil level became normal as it was in other cases.  The preparation activity is unique and doesn’t have any analogs.


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