The Ministry of Economic Development made a list of Technology Platforms with the the assistance of the Ministry of Education and Science pursuant to resolution of the Government Commission for Technology and Innovation (report №4 of 3.08.2010).

The enterprises and the universities made the Project of the Technology Platform with the assistance of the State Structures of the Udmurt Republic. The Project was included in the structured list of Technology Platforms by the Ministry of Economic Development. The list was published on the official website of the Ministry of Economic Development

The Technology Platform (TP)

– The Technology Platform (TP) is the communication instrument directed at the increasing of the efforts to create perspective commercial technologies, new products (services). It is the instrument directed at the involvement of the supplementary resources for researches and of the projects made with the collaboration of all interested parties (of business, science, government, civil society). It is also pointed at the improvement of the regulatory and legal framework in the field of Science & Technology and innovative development.

The name of the Technology Platform

“Multisectoral complex of the evolutional biotechnologies. Municipal and agricultural recycling into the building materials , production and usage of the bioproduce in the greening of cities and organic agriculture, soil fertility restoration and removal of anthropogenic problems, wastewater problem solving and improvement of the microclimate of cities, production of healthy foodstuffs and biologically active forms directly affecting the immune system, disease prevention and treatment of human”

The initiators and the developers of the TP:



The Government of the Russian Federation took a course on intensification of innovation in 2010.
Goal: development of scientific and practical potential of Russia, replacement of outdated, depreciated, amortized equipment on high productive and highly remunerative technologies.
New organizational and financial instrument of the Technological Platforms has constructive direction. Development of the public-private partnership in innovative field is real solution from global crisis situations. The partnership of Udmurt enterprises with the assistance of the state structures opens positive perspective of development of region with the support of federal level.
Initiators, developers and participants of the TP create the conditions for intensification of organizational and financial processes on the all levels: fundamental scientific activities of the universities - applied science and projects of research structures – adoption of innovations by manufacturing enterprises – organizational and financial support on the level of the region of the Russian Federation – federal organizational and financial activity - attracting foreign colleagues for development of the platform so in the territory of Russia as in other countries.
Directions of the platform has vital, socially important and profitable character.