1. The regional concept and program

  • 1.1 Regional concept of sewerage. The program of sewerage settlements.
  • 1.2 Regional concept of recycling organic waste. Program for an bioplants.

2. Research and development work

  • 2.1 Ecological monitoring of manufacturing processes, analysis of possible disposal of organic wastes and their economic cost of the secondary uses (agriculture, food processing, municipal area).
  • 2.2 Monitoring of food products in environmentally clean and high consumer characteristics (soil studies, the conditions of production and storage in the environment), creating favorable conditions for the manufacturer to transfer product into a “bio”, “eco”, “organic”.
  • 2.3 Analysis of the technological problems of rehabilitation of contaminated land (removal of oil contamination of soil, sludge processing, etc.).
  • 2.4 Medical research work on the application of biologically active compounds that have immunomodulatory effects (asthma, cancer, etc.).

3. Technology

  • 3.1 The technology of recycling of animal waste. Design and technological documentation for industrial vermicomposting of organic wastes and obtaining culture media for production of ecologically pure products of human food.
  • 3.2 Technology of production-class «Organic product».
  • 3.3 Technology of production of bacterial complex BC.
  • 3.4 Technology «Symbiotic bioremediation of land contaminated by petroleum products».
  • 3.5 Technology «Bacterial wastewater treatment in sewage biological system, SBS».

4. Projects

  • 4.1 Design of bio-factory for processing waste (animal manure, chicken manure, crop residues) into organic fertilizer for the production of high quality organic food grade «Organic product».
  • 4.2 Designing nonvolatile sewage treatment facilities.
  • 4.3 Designing treatment plants sewage sludge for getting construction materials for reclamation of ground and landscape urban greening.
  • 4.4 Designing process of growing pure agricultural products.
  • 4.5 Design of clear symbiotic related industries in one cycle (production of poultry meat, eggs, rabbits, bacterial and vermitechnological recycling, compost production and soil cultivation of healthy forage and non nitrate plant food products).

5. Introduction of technology and production organization

  • 5.1 Correction of existing and creation of new industries based on the results and scientific research and experimental development work (Organization of new jobs, tax revenue). Equipment manufacturing processes with necessary equipment and biological materials (supply from Russia or the organization of production means in the region, the organization of the Center).
  • 5.2 Franchise Biotechnology (granting license documentation and the right to use of copyright developments).

6. Equipment and materials

  • 6.1 Equipment for processing organic waste into nutrient environment and building materials for reclamation of ground.
  • 6.2 Vermiculture — industrial population of red worms.
  • 6.3 Bacterial Complex BC.
  • 6.4 Equipment for the local sewage treatment facilities.
  • 6.5 Biocompost and vermicompost for the production of organic food.
  • 6.6 Construction materials for reclamation of ground and landscape gardening of the city.

7. The main technological features and differences

  • 7.1 We created technologies, equipment and biomaterials are different from European counterparts. Vermicompost (organic fertilizer) on the conclusion of Sanitary and Epidemiological Authority 2,3 times higher than the quality of German counterparts. Bacterial complex BC better and more quickly solve the problem of composting organic waste, are guaranteed to disinfect raw materials processed, fixes nitrogen, and odor of chicken manure and sewage sludge, and also by Symbiotic technology during the season it can recover dead oil polluted soil and leads the residual content of hydrocarbons to the standard. Products grown on vermi-biocompost contains no nitrates, clean, better in taste, double the shelf life of such products, achieved an increase in productivity. Soil after using of organic materials are cleared from toxic chemicals and the consequences of irrational use of chemical fertilizers. Local sewage treatment facilities for technology Sewage biological system with complete biological wastewater treatment relative to peers volatile. These structures do not require skilled personnel to operate. Operating costs are the lowest. Sewage sludge is decontaminated, devoid of odor with the possibility of its use as organic fertilizer. Technology for processing sewage sludge can get construction materials for reclamation of ground and landscape gardening of the city. Copyright technologies and specialized proprietary equipment, biomaterials original selection can eliminate the environmental problems more efficiently than domestic and foreign counterparts.
  • 7.2 Development the test of time (3-20 years), assessed by the government structures are protected by copyright, recognized in Russia and foreign countries.

8. Review on the product of SPS “Fertility & Ecology”



Federal Service on Customers’ Rights Protection and
Human Well-being Surveillance
Regional Office of Federal Service on Customers’ Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance in the Udmurt republic
Regional Office of Federal Service on Customers’ Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance in the Udmurt Republic analysing the quality of the product of Nonprofit Partnership Scientific Production System “Fertility & Ecology” stated:
1. SPS “Fertility & Ecology” develops in the sphere of environmental protection and rise of the quality of human life – conceptions, technologies, technological regulation, specifications, designing of buildings, bacterial vermitechnological instrumental environment, biomaterials for reconstruction and improvement of soil fertility, ecologically pure food. All the high-tech products was tested in Accredited testing laboratory and examination of Federal State healthcare agency “Center of hygiene and epidemiology of the Udmurt Republic”. It corresponds to sanitary standards.
2. Product features:
2.1 Product is tested on patent purity of international level, is registered and has documents of patent and copyright.
2.2 Comparative analysis showed advantages in qualitative terms:
2.2.1 Integrated complex quality indicator of biomaterial of vermicompost generated on patent equipment Production Complex is higher on 2,3% than German analogs have. It allows to raise the quality of grown products and productivity of crops
2.2.2 Vegetable products grown on biomaterials (biocompost, vermicompost) has ecological purity, has more nutrients and vitamins in comparison with analogs on the market, longer keep in fresh, keeping of dangerous nitrate less than in usual product on 73%.
2.2.3 Bacterial complex showed the productivity in disinfection of silt of wastewater Izhevsk “Izhvodokanal” – desinvasion of pathogenic bacterial and parasitic sphere till the sanitary standards. Qualitative and operational preparation of raw material for production of bio- and vermicompost with removal of pathogenic environment of animal manure and bird droppings.
2.2.4 Symbiotic technologies of land recovery contaminated with oil products with use of bacterial complex differ from analogs in effectiveness of bringing soil cleaning to sanitary standards and in efficiency of the process – cycle 1,5 month (industrial analog in Bashkortostan – 1,5 year)
2.2.5 Technology of recycling of dewatered sludge of treatment facilities is approved on the material of “Izhvodokanal” Izhevsk. Samples of building materials for land revegetation received from dewatered sludge allow to solve environmental problems of utilization of sediment not only costs but also rational use of afterproduct for greening of cities. Besides technology, federal examination was passed by biomaterials (bacterial complex, bio- and vermicompost), technological regulations, specifications.
2.2.6 Technology of wastewater recycling in Sewage biological system with biomaterials, bacterial reactor containers was tested many times on effectiveness and state monitoring. Projects with the state examination were realized. Local facilities treatment of the technology are simple in manufacturing, nonvolatile, have the lowest operating costs, satisfy sanitary standards.
2.2.7 Technology of production of ecologically pure food. It was tested in SPS “Fertility & Ecology”
Regional Office of Federal Service on Customers’ Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance in the Udmurt republic concludes on the basis of the above-stated: Biomaterials passed state examination allow to get food safe and useful for human in ecological friendliness to the production mode for the soil. Perspective direction for: 1) soil fertility restoration; 2) recycling of organic waste and obtaining of safe nutritional means for plants; 3) production of natural products without using pesticides and mineral fertilizers of vegetable and animal origin, qualitative recycling, storage and consumption of healthy ecologically pure vegetables, verdure, meat, milk, eggs, vine.
Signature of the manager Zabrodin N. A.